«You can read a few pages and then you have to sleep







Dear friends and customers

We're quite sure, that you've heard this sentence from your parents too, when you're younger. I was looking forward to this ritual and keep it going until now. Unfortunately, I am not as flexible as in my younger years. Some issues with the neck or hand, that makes reading less comfortable and fun. I remembered my dad's reading help about 30 years ago, the Siesta Leseständer. It was always placed beside his bed, ready to be used for comfortable and relaxing bed lectures. That was the moment I told my men: «I'd like to have one too»

Take over

After a longer research, we found the producer of the Siesta Leseständer, which unfortunately passed away before we'd fix the details. His family wasn't interested to continue / invent new products, which was unbelievable for us. After checking our economical situation, we decided to buy the company. We are very happy to be able to provide you the patented original Siesta Leseständer. 


Genesis of Varialix GmbH 

Our family- operated company called Varialix GmbH is located in the north-eastern part of Switzerland, Rorschacherberg SG. We specialised on the Siesta Leseständer and set value on its careful production, 100% made in Switzerland. Furthermore we invented some  accessories for new medias (E-Books, Tablet PC's).  Our goal is to serve our clients competent and deliver your favourite items within the shortest time. You can choose the proven types of Siesta Leseständer: Varia, Standard and Standard special. 


There are still a few ideas in our minds how to improve the Siesta Leseständer and make them even more versatile. You can be thrilled, what we present you the next years. 



Karin & Andreas Neff